Manage and optimize usage for Builds

Learn how to understand the different charts in the Vercel dashboard, how usage relates to billing, and how to optimize your usage for Builds.
Table of Contents

The Builds section shows the following charts:

Manage and Optimize pricing
Build TimeThe amount of time your Deployments have spent being queued or buildingAdditional concurrent buildsLearn More
Number of BuildsHow many times a build was issued for one of your DeploymentsNoN/A

The Build Time graph shows the ratio of build time vs queued time for all projects across your team on any single day.

Viewing by Projects provides you with a view of the total combined build time and queued time for each project that your team owns.

This chart shows the total number of builds that were triggered for all of the projects on your team, split by a ratio of Completed or Errored.

Viewing by Projects provides you with a view of the total number of builds for each project.

While neither of these metrics are directly chargeable, you can pay for additional concurrent builds if you need to run more than one build concurrently.

Some other considerations to take into account when optimizing your builds include:

  • Understand and manage the build cache. By default, Vercel caches the dependencies of your project, based on your framework, to speed up the build process
  • You may choose to Ignore the Build Step on redeployments if you know that the build step is not necessary under certain conditions
  • Use the most recent version of your runtime, particularly Node.js, to take advantage of the latest performance improvements. To learn more, see Node.js
Last updated on May 18, 2024