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Vercel Speed Insights Privacy & Compliance

Learn how Vercel follows the latest privacy and data compliance standards with its Speed Insights feature.
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Speed Insights is available on all plans

To ensure that the Speed Insights feature can be used despite many different regulatory limitations around the world, we've designed it in such a way that it provides you with information without being tied to, or associated with, any individual visitor or IP address.

The recording of data points is anonymous and the Speed Insights feature does not collect or store information that would enable us to reconstruct a browsing session across pages or identify a user.

The following information is stored with every data point:

Collected ValueExample Value
Network Speed4g (or slow-2g, 2g, 3g)
BrowserChrome 86 (Blink)
Device TypeMobile (or Desktop/Tablet)
Device OSAndroid 10
Country (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)US
Web VitalFCP 1.0s
Web Vital Attributionhtml>body img.header
SDK Information@vercel/speed-insights 0.1.0
Server-Received Event Time2023-10-29 09:06:30

Please see our Privacy Notice for more information, including how Vercel Speed Insights complies with the GDPR.

Once you've followed the dashboard's instructions for enabling Speed Insights and installed the @vercel/speed-insights package, it will automatically start tracking data points for your project.

The package injects a script that retrieves the visitor's Web Vitals by invoking native browser APIs and reporting them to Vercel's servers on every page load.

Only fresh page loads report Speed Insights. Client-side page transitions do not. For example, typing into your address bar and hitting enter will send them but selecting a link on a blog post will not.

Learn more about the first-party intake data ingestion method, which enables a faster and more reliable experience.

Last updated on July 24, 2024