Security at Vercel

Individuals and companies from every industry place their trust in Vercel.
Our experts ensure that security is top-priority in all of our work.
Not only do we deliver the industry standard, our active OSS efforts help improve it.

Secure Environment

Run every build task and deployment in a completely isolated environment. Have confidence in your source and builds.

Stay Protected

Maintain uptime during attacks, courtesy of the built-in DDoS protection layer provided by our Edge Network.

We're Here to Help

Get direct support from the engineers behind WordPress, Next.js, and Socket.IO. Focus on your projects; with access to world-class security resources.

Resources and Quickstarters

Vercel Builds: Faster, Better, and Safer

More disk space, CPU power, memory, and improved security with Vercel.

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Environment Variables and Secrets Guide

Learn various ways to define environment variables.

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Introducing Build Env and Secrets Support

Now, you can customize your build environment following a security practice.

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