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The native
Next.js platform.

Vercel's platform is made by the creators of Next.js, designed for Next.js applications. Unlock the enhanced Next.js experience.

Trusted by the
largest Next.js companies

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Update without redeploying

With On-Demand Incremental Static Regeneration, update page content globally in 300ms.


Fastest Next.js builds

Stop waiting for slow builds. Vercel allows you to defers building pages at request time. No more inefficient builds (or teams).


Scale up and down

API Routes become Vercel Functions, which scale to zero when unused or handle millions of requests with ease.

Push your code.
Review the UI.

Push changes to your Next.js application and instantly get a URL to review your UI, with support for GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and any other provider with the Vercel CLI.

Speed up and save time on projects of any size

On-demand ISR speeds up the iteration process across the board for all of our sites.

Bryce Kalow

Senior Web Engineer, HashiCorp

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By moving from React and Google Cloud Platform to Next.js and Vercel, we've saved many, many engineering hours.

Knut Melvær

Head of Developer Relations,

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Out-of-the-box support

No company in the world is more integrated with the creators of both Next.js and React than Vercel. Understanding the challenges of high-performance teams and applications is our primary role.

Advanced observability

Understand Next.js performance with Vercel's analytics and monitoring tools.

Zero configuration

Git push to update your Next.js site and deploy globally in seconds.

Dynamic routing

Next.js Edge Middleware gives you full routing control on Vercel.

Incremental Static Regeneration

Update content from your headless CMS or database globally without redeploying in 300ms.

Server-Side Rendering

Autoscaling Serverless of Edge Functions to dynamically render your Next.js application.

Static Generation

Prerender and automatically cache and distributed generated Next.js pages to every Vercel Edge Network region.

First class enterprise features

Advanced roles and permissions

Secure access for your team with developer, billing, and viewer roles on Vercel.

From the creators

Gain access to the creators of Next.js, Webpack, Turborepo, SWC, and more.