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Introducing the Vercel Web Application Firewall

Vercel Ship

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Vercel Ship


Introducing the Vercel Web Application Firewall

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Global rendering for dynamic web apps.

The managed, global rendering layer for modern web applications.

Optimized, automated rendering for the web's favorite frameworks.

Leverage the power of serverless architecture to deliver your content globally, without added infrastructure overhead.

Vercel Data Cache

Total control. Regenerate pages or cache function responses on demand, improving performance and reducing backend load.

Vercel Edge Network

Accelerate your delivery. Every request travels through private fiber to the nearest of hundreds of Edge locations.

Vercel Functions

Servers made simple. We deploy and optimize the necessary compute for any scale, replicated across 18 regions.

Vercel Firewall

Edge-localized protection. L3/L4 protection at every edge location. Your site stays protected without adding latency.

  • L3/L4 DDoS Protection
  • Global L7 Firewall
  • Enterprise DDoS Support


Safely pre-deploy multiple versions of your site and route users to the correct version at runtime—without any delays.

A/B Testing.

First impressions are made in the first 50ms of viewing. With Edge Middleware, users will only see what you want them to see.

Feature flags.

Streamline experimentation within your team by toggling feature flags. Easily manage overrides directly from the Vercel toolbar.

Industry-leading application security.

Mitigating thousands of DDoS attacks every week, without customers noticing.

Industry-leading application security.

Mitigating thousands of DDoS attacks every week, without customers noticing.

The Vercel Firewall

DDoS Mitigation

Continuously analyzes incoming traffic to detect signs of DDoS attacks. Helping identify and mitigate threats in real-time.

Dynamic Scaling

Proactive resources that absorb the increased traffic, preventing your applications or websites from being overwhelmed.

Enterprise Level

Dedicated DDoS support for Enterprise teams, with IP Blocking abilities to strengthen your security posture.

Your Kubernetes companion.

Extend your backend. Create a secure, isolated bridge from Vercel to your on-premise backend or Kubernetes services with Vercel Secure Compute.

The world map in polka dot style, some dots are highlighted in blue.

Replicated to every edge. Requests are faster when closer to users.

Truly zero downtime. Say goodbye to version skew on deployments.