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One codebase. Infinite domains.

Build the platform of your dreams. Serve multiple customers across different subdomains and custom domains in your application with just a few lines of code.

Build for scale, and the next big thing.

Infinite domains.

Onboard as many domains as you need. Trust them to be secure, with free provisioned SSL certificates.

Instant SSL certificates.

Fast and free SSL certificates for all of your domains in under 5 seconds.​​​​‌

Zero maintenance.

Never forget to renew an SSL certificate, so that you can fully support your growing customer base.

By far my favorite Vercel feature is the ability to connect as many domains as I need to a single project.

Jason Werner,


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Scale fast

Go from zero to beta users in days.

 Scale and manage powerful workloads without the infrastructure overhead. 

Go global

Scale effortlessly. 

Edge network for lightning fast content delivery and serverless scaling without manual intervention.

Experiment easily

Iterate to greatness.

 Explore platform possibilities like experimentation with A/B tests and support for feature flag tooling.

Stay secure

Comprehensive and robust.

Scalable DDoS Mitigation and Firewall protection at every edge location, so your app stays protected without adding latency.

The speed that it takes to generate an SSL certificate, and the reliability on Vercel is amazing. It feels like magic on our end. It's so good.

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Marcus Smith,


Build your multi-tenant app with Vercel.

Zero config

Vercel recognizes your code's intent. Derisk your DevOps with framework defined infrastructure. 

Instant domains

No need to set any DNS records. Vercel automatically configures and sets the nameservers.

SSL certificates

Generate certificates for every domain automatically once it's added to a project to keep your site secure.

Highly available

Auto-scaling capabilities keep the lights on bright during high demand periods or incidents.

Ultra performant

Cache via Vercel's Edge Network, with the ability to invalidate the cache on-demand using ISR.

Globally optimized

Deliver personalized content to any user, on any device, with zero infrastructure overhead.

Learn how to build a full-stack multi-tenant application

with custom domains by using Next.js and the Platforms Starter Kit.

Start building

The teams we empower.

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