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Find a plan to power your projects.

From early-stage startups to growing enterprises, Vercel has you covered.


Everything you need to kickstart your web project.

Import any git repo, deploy in seconds
Automatic CI/CD
Serverless Compute
Traffic & performance insights
DDoS Mitigation
Web Application Firewall
Community Support



Collaborate with a team for $20 /month, per member.

Everything in Hobby, plus:
Secure team collaboration
Frontend Observability tools
Advanced Protection
Scales with you
Spend management
Email support

Critical security, performance, observability and support.

Everything in Pro, plus:
Guest & Team access controls
SCIM & Directory Sync
Managed WAF Rulesets
Multi-region compute & failover
99.99% SLA
Advanced Support
  • 20 days saved on daily builds.

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  • 98% faster time to market.

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  • 300% increase in SEO.

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  • 6× faster to build + deploy.

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Start Deploying

Managed Infrastructure

Edge Network

Ultra-fast, always secure global application delivery.

Fast Data Transfer

Data transfer between our Edge Network and the end user.

100 GB /month included
1 TB /month included
then starting at $0.15 per GB
Regional pricing

Fast Origin Transfer

Data transfer between our Edge Network and Compute for dynamic responses.

10 GB /month included
100 GB /month included
then starting at $0.06 per GB
Regional pricing

Edge Requests

Optimized network requests for fast content access.

1M /month included
10M /month included
then starting at $2 per million
Regional pricing

Edge Middleware Invocations

Dynamic request handling at the network edge, before cache.

1M /month included
1M /month included
then starting at $0.65 per million

Source Images

Automatically optimized images served from the Vercel network.

1000 images /month included
5000 images /month included
then starting at $5.00 per thousand

Managed Infrastructure


Dynamic, scalable functions to power your framework of choice.

Function Invocations

The number of times you can call a Vercel Function.

100,000 invocations /month included
1M invocations /month included
then starting at $0.60 per million

Function Duration

The total execution time of your Vercel Function.

100 GB-hour /month included
1,000 GB-hour /month included
then $0.18 per GB-hour

Edge Function Executions

Lightweight compute, ideal for long-duration invocations.

500,000 execution units /month included
1M execution units /month included
then starting at $2.00 per million

Managed Infrastructure

Edge Data

Store and cache content close to your customers.

Data Cache Reads

Read cached data from revalidated content (ISR).

1M reads /month included
10M reads /month included
then starting at $0.40 per million
Regional pricing

Data Cache Writes

Write cached data to global edge regions (ISR).

200,000 writes /month included
2M writes /month included
starting at $4 per million
Regional pricing

Edge Config Reads

Ultra-fast access to configuration settings for optimal performance.

100,000 reads /month included
1M reads /month included
then starting at $3.00 per million

Edge Config Writes

Update page settings and configuration without a redeploy.

100 writes /month included
1000 writes /month included
then starting at $5.00 per 500 writes

DX Platform

Build & Iterate

Build infrastructure and automated CI/CD to keep your team iterating.

Team Seats

Collaborate on your projects with your team.

1 seat included
1 seat included
then $20 per seat

Automatic CI/CD

Zero configuration CI/CD with first-class Git integrations.


Collaborate on deployments with your team.

Draft Mode

View unpublished headless CMS content on your site before publishing.

Productivity integrations

Convert comments to issues in Linear, Jira, or GitHub.

Layout Shift Tool

Gives you insight into any elements that may cause layout shifts on the page.

Concurrent builds

High-efficiency build infrastructure for Vercel deployments.

1 included
1 included
$50 per additional concurrency slot

Enhanced builds

Access to build containers with larger memory and storage capabilities.


Remote Cache

Share build artifacts across teams, to never do the same work twice.

10 GB
10 GB
then $0.50 per GB

Unlimited previewers

Collaborators who can access and comment on Preview Deployments.


Automate detection of critical issues early in the development lifecycle.


Code Owners

Streamlined code reviews and smart reviewer assignments.

Managed Infrastructure


Frontend observability on Vercel helps you monitor, analyze, and manage your applications.


Visualize, explore, and monitor your usage and traffic.

$10 base fee per month
then $9.00 per million events

Speed Insights

See how real users experience your site after each deploy.

10,000 data points
$10 /project
then $0.65 per 10,000 events

Web Analytics

Insights into your visitor traffic.

2,500 events
25,000 events
then $14 per 100,000 events

Web Analytics Plus


$50 / team

Analytics limits

Increased limits


Reporting windows

Increased time limits


UTM Parameters



Runtime Logs

All logs generated by Serverless and Edge Function invocations in both preview and production deployments.

1 hour of Logs
1 day of Logs
3 days of Logs

Managed Infrastructure


Store key-value data, transactional data, large files, and more with Vercel's suite of storage products.


Durable Redis database that enables you to store and retrieve JSON data.

30,000 requests
150,000 requests


Serverless SQL database designed to integrate with Vercel Functions and your frontend framework.

60 compute hours
100 compute hours



Scalable, and cost-effective object storage service for static assets, such as images, videos, audio files, and more.

Managed Infrastructure


Vercel protects your projects across access, application, and infrastructure security.


Out of the box, every Deployment on Vercel is served over an HTTPS connection.

DDoS Mitigation

The Vercel Firewall mitigates against DoS and DDoS attacks.

Web Application Firewall




Custom Firewall Rules

Up to 3

Up to 40

Up to 1,000

IP Blocking

Up to 3

Up to 100

Up to 1,000

OWASP Core Ruleset (managed)


Advanced Deployment Protection

Secure your Vercel project's preview and production URLs.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Configure SAML SSO for your organization to minimize account management.

SSO Protected Previews

Protect preview links behind your third-party identity provider.

Audit Logs

Track and analyze your team members' activities.

Directory Sync (SCIM)

Helps teams manage their organization membership from a third-party identity provider.

Secure Compute

Establish secure connections between Vercel, and backend environments.


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