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Create a Team

Teams on Vercel allow you to collaborate with members on projects, and grant you access to additional resources. Learn how to create or join a team on Vercel.
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Teams on the Pro and Enterprise plans can collaborate with teammates, share resources, and manage projects on Vercel.

If you're on the Hobby plan, you can upgrade to the Pro plan to start adding team members.

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After creating a new trial, you'll have 14 days of Pro premium features and collaboration for free.

  1. Click on the scope selector at the top left of the nav bar
  2. Choose to create a new team
  3. Name your team
  4. Depending on the types of team plans that you have already created, you'll be able to select a team plan option:
Selecting a team plan.
Selecting a team plan.

You can join a Vercel team through an invitation from a team owner, automatic addition by a team's identity provider, or by requesting access yourself. To request access, you can push a commit to a private Git repository owned by the team, or interact with the suggested teams on the Vercel dashboard.

Vercel creates a list of teams you might want to join based on your email domain, membership in GitHub organizations, GitLab groups, or Bitbucket workspaces connected to a team project.

If there are suggested teams for your Hobby account, you'll see those appear in the scope selector on the top left of the dashboard, and on the teams page within your Hobby account settings.

You can't leave a team if you are the last remaining owner or the last confirmed member .

To leave a team:

  1. If there isn't another owner for your team, you must assign a different confirmed member as the team owner
  2. Go to your team's dashboard and select the Settings tab
  3. Scroll to the Leave Team section and select the Leave Team button
  4. Click Confirm
  5. If you are the only remaining member, you should delete the team instead

To delete a team:

  1. Remove all team domains
  2. Go to your team's dashboard and select the Settings tab
  3. Scroll to the Delete Team section and select the Delete Team button
  4. Click Confirm

If you'd prefer to cease payment instead of deleting your team, you can downgrade to Hobby.

Default teams apply only to accounts created after this feature was enabled in September 2023.

Your default team will be used when you make a request through the API or CLI and don’t specify a specific team. It will also be the team shown whenever you first log in to Vercel or navigate to /dashboard. The first Hobby or Pro team you create will automatically be nominated as the default team.

If you delete, leave, or are removed from your default team, Vercel will automatically choose a new default team for you. However, you may want to choose a default team yourself. To do that:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Under Default Team, select your new default team from the dropdown
  3. Press Save

Your Team ID is a unique and unchangeable identifier that's automatically assigned when your team is created.

There are a couple of methods you can use to locate your Team ID:

  • Vercel API: Use the Vercel API to retrieve your Team ID
  • Dashboard: Find your Team ID directly from your team's Dashboard on Vercel:
    • Navigate to the following URL, replacing your_team_name_here with your actual team's name: If you're unable to locate your Team ID using the URL method, follow these steps:
    • Open your team's dashboard and head over to the Settings tab
    • Choose General from the left-hand navigation
    • Scroll down to the Team ID section and your Team ID will be there ready for you to copy

Configuring a team email domain will permit users with a matching and verified email address to request access to your team without requiring an invitation. For example, if your team email domain is, a user with the email address will be able to request access to join your team.

This is useful if you would like employees, or those you work with, to request access to join your team instead of sending them an invitation.

To allow this feature, you must add the email domain to the Vercel Domains section. Given the example above, you would add

Setting the Team Email Domain for a Team.
Setting the Team Email Domain for a Team.
Last updated on May 29, 2024