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Projects and deployments

Streamline your workflow with Vercel's project and deployment management. Boost productivity and scale effortlessly.
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To get started with Vercel, it's helpful to understand projects and deployments:

  • Projects: A project is the application that you have deployed to Vercel. You can have multiple projects connected to a single repository (for example, a monorepo), and multiple deployments for each project. You can view all your projects on the dashboard, and configure your settings through the project dashboard.
  • Deployments: A deployment is the result of a successful build of your project. A deployment is triggered when you import an existing project or template, or when you push a Git commit through your connected integration or use vercel deploy from the CLI. Every deployment generates a URL automatically.

To get started you’ll create a new project by either deploying a template or importing and deploying an existing project:

Last updated on July 25, 2024