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Limits and Pricing for Speed Insights

Learn about our limits and pricing when using Vercel Speed Insights. Different limitations are applied depending on your plan.
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Speed Insights is available on all plans

Once you've enabled the Speed Insights with Vercel, different limitations are applied depending on your plan:

Reporting Window for Data Points1 Day7 Days30 Days
Maximum Number of Data Points per Month10,000NoneNone

You can no longer adjust the Sample Rate at the account level on the dashboard. You can do this at the project level as explained below.

To use a larger reporting window and unlock more data points per day, make sure to deploy your project to a Vercel Team on the Pro plan.

Speed Insights are available on all Vercel plans ( Hobby , Pro and Enterprise ). To extend the data points and reporting range, contact our Sales team for a custom Enterprise plan.

By default, all incoming data points are used to calculate the scores you're being presented with on the Speed Insights view.

To reduce cost, you can change the sample rate at a project level by using the @vercel/speed-insights package as explained in Sample rate. You can also provide a cost limit under your team's Billing settings page to ensure no more data points are collected for the rest of the billing period once the limit has been reached.

With the Speed Insights feature enabled for a project (depending upon the account type), the reporting window for the data points goes as follows:

Account TypeReporting window for data points
HobbyLast 24 hours
ProUp to the 7 days
EnterpriseUp to the 30 days

Depending on your plan, a maximum limit of data points might apply per day. Once that limit is reached, no more data points will be recorded until the current day has passed. On the next day, the recording will resume.

When recording is paused, you can still access all existing data points.

Depending on your pricing plan, different fees apply:

Base Fee per Project per MonthNone10 USDCustom
Fee per 10,000 Data Points (Hosted on Vercel)None0.65 USDCustom
Free Data Points per Day100100Custom

If you are using Speed Insights on a 14-day trial Pro plan you will not be charged for any of the above items during the time of the trial. However, once the trial ends, you will be charged for both the data points collected during the trial, and the base fee.

When on the Pro or Enterprise plans, you will immediately be charged the base fee when enabling Speed Insights. However, you will only be charged for the remaining time in your billing cycle. For example,

  • If ten days are remaining in your current billing cycle — that's roughly 30% of your billing cycle – you will only pay around 3 USD. For every new billing cycle after that, you'll be charged a total 10 USD at the beginning of the cycle
  • Suppose you disable Speed Insights before the billing cycle ends. In that case, it will continue to show the already collected data points until the end of that specific billing cycle (however, no new data will be recorded)
  • Once the billing cycle is over, Speed Insights will automatically turn off, and you will lose access to existing data. You won't be refunded any amounts already paid. Also, you cannot export the Speed Insights data for later use
  • If you decide to re-enable the feature after cancellation, you won't be charged when you enable it. Instead, the usual 10 USD base fee will apply at the beginning of every upcoming billing cycle
Last updated on February 25, 2024