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Understand production from the inside out.

With real-time infrastructure and traffic insights, Vercel is the mission control for frontend applications.



Quick, accurate debugging.

Detect and diagnose issues in your web applications by surfacing errors, traffic, and performance data with built-in Monitoring.

Track and analyze the performance of different parts of your site right in the Vercel dashboard. Leverage example queries to quickly resolve issues and optimize your projects.

Create queries to debug and optimize bandwidth, errors, performance, and bot traffic issues.


All plans

View, search, inspect.

Understand your application behavior with a view of all logs generated by every function in every deployment environment.

View all runtime logs generated by Vercel's infrastructure across all environments.

See the status, duration, URL, and a trace for each outgoing request.

Inspect and share your runtime logs without any third-party integrations.

Third Party

Instrument, collect, and send data with flexibility.


New Relic






Use your favorite tools. With OpenTelemetry (OTEL), send traces from your functions to application performance monitoring (APM) vendors.

View Integrations


4,815,162 Logs

Log Drains. Share data with your favorite logging provider for advanced alerting.

Break out of the black box.

Proactively defend.

Track anomalies to shut down threats as they happen with advanced monitoring.

Prevent regressions.

Ship new work without breaking customer experiences, and know exactly where to iterate after.

Total transparency.

Granular insights into application performance to ensure you're always up and running.

Web Analytics

All plans

Understand your engagement.

Providing comprehensive insights into your website’s visitors, tracking topic pages, referrers, and demographics like location, operating systems, and browser info.

First-party, privacy-friendly. Data sent through your domain to avoid ad blockers.

Find your top performers. Identify your best sources and most effective content.

Track custom events without third-party scripts, for Pro and Enterprise.

import { track } from '@vercel/analytics';

function SignupButton() {
  return (
      onClick={() => {
        track('Signup', {
          location: 'Hero'

Web Analytics Plus: UTM parameters, more events, and longer report windows.

Speed Insights

All plans

Real users, real performance data.

Performance from the right point of view. See detailed views of your website’s performance metrics with Speed Insights, facilitating informed decisions for optimization.

Real data points collected from your users’ devices for an authentic evaluation of their experiences.

Understand Core Web Vitals like First Contentful Paint, Largest Contentful Paint, Cumulative Layout Shift.