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Integrate with Vercel

Learn how to create your own integration for internal or public use with Vercel.
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This guide will walk you through the process of creating and managing integrations on Vercel, helping you to extend the capabilities of your Vercel projects by connecting with third-party services.

Integrations can be created by filling out the Create Integration form. To access the form:

  1. From your Vercel dashboard, select your account/team from the scope selector
  2. Select the Integrations tab to see the Integrations overview
  3. Then, select the Integrations Console button and then select Create
  4. Fill out all the entries in the Create integration form as necessary
  5. At the end of the form, you must accept Vercel's Integration Marketplace Agreement in order for your integration to be published

The Create Integration form must be completed in full before you can submit your integration for review. The form has the following fields:

NameThe name of your integration.
URL SlugThe URL slug for your integration.
DeveloperThe owner of the Integration, generally a legal name.
Contact EmailThe contact email for the owner of the integration. This will not be publicly listed.
Support Contact EmailThe support email for the integration. This will be publicly listed.
Short DescriptionA short description of your integration.
LogoThe logo for your integration.
CategoryThe category for your integration.
WebsiteThe website for your integration.
Documentation URLThe documentation URL for your integration.
EULA URLThe URL to your End User License Agreement (EULA) for your integration.
Privacy Policy URLThe URL to your Privacy Policy for your integration.
OverviewA detailed overview of your integration.
Additional InformationAdditional information about configuring your integration.
Feature MediaA featured image or video for your integration. You can link up to 5 images or videos for your integration with the aspect ratio of 3:2.
Redirect URLThe URL the user sees during installation.
API ScopesThe API scopes for your integration.
Webhook URLThe URL to receive webhooks from Vercel.
Configuration URLThe URL to configure your integration.
Integrations AgreementThe agreement to the Vercel Integrations Marketplace Agreement

Once you have created your integration, it will be assigned the Community badge and be available for external users to download. You can share it with users either through your site or through the Vercel deploy button.

If you are interested in having your integration listed on the Integration Marketplace:

  • The integration must have at least 500 active installations (500 accounts that have the integration installed).
  • The integration follows our review guidelines.
  • Once you've reached this minimum install requirement, please email integrations@vercel.com with your request to be reviewed for listing.

You can view all integrations that you have created on the Integrations Console.

To preview an integration's live URL, click View Integration. This URL can be shared for installation based on the integration's visibility settings.

The live URL has the following format:


Where, <slug> is the name you specified in the URL Slug field during the integration creation process.

In the Integrations Console, a Community badge will appear under your new integration's title once you have submitted the integration. While integrations with a Community badge do not appear in the marketplace, they are available to be installed through your site or through the Vercel deploy button

Community integrations are developed by third parties and are supported solely by the developers. Before installing, review the developer's Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement on the integration page.

The installation of the integration is a critical component of the developer experience that must cater to all types of developers. While deciding the installation flow you should consider the following:

  • New user flow: Developers should be able to create an account on your service while installing the integration
  • Existing user flow: With existing accounts, developers should sign in as they install the integration. Also, make sure the forgotten password flow doesn't break the installation flow
  • Strong defaults: The installation flow should have minimal steps and have set defaults whenever possible
  • Advanced settings: Provide developers with the ability to override or expand settings when installing the integration

For the installation flow, you should consider adding the following specs:

Spec NameRequiredSpec Notes
DocumentationYesExplain the integration and how to use it. Also explain the defaults and how to override them.
Deploy ButtonNoCreate a Deploy Button for projects based on a Git repository.

As an integration creator, you are solely responsible for the support of your integration developed and listed on Vercel. When providing user support, your response times and the scope of support must be the same or exceed the level of Vercel's support. For more information, refer to the Vercel Integrations Marketplace Agreement.

When submitting an integration, you'll enter a support email, which will be listed publicly. It's through this email that integration users will be able to reach out to you.

Last updated on May 27, 2024