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vercel certs

Learn how to manage certificates for your domains from the command line.

The vercel certs command is used to manage certificates for domains, providing functionality to list, issue, and remove them. Vercel manages certificates for domains automatically.

vercel certs ls

Using the vercel certs command to list all certificates under an account.

vercel certs issue [domain1, domain2, domain3]

Using the vercel certs command to issue certificates for multiple domains.

vercel certs rm [certificate-id]

Using the vercel certs command to remove a certificate by ID.

These are options that only apply to the vercel certs command, therefore, more information is provided.

The --challenge-only option can be used to only show the challenges needed to issue a certificate.

vercel certs issue --challenge-only

Using the vercel certs command with the --challenge-only option.

The following global options can be passed when using the vercel certs command:

For more information on global options and their usage, refer to the options section.