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vercel git

Learn how to manage your Git provider connections using the vercel git CLI command.
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The vercel git command is used to manage a Git provider repository for a Vercel Project, enabling deployments to Vercel through Git.

When run, Vercel CLI searches for a local .git config file containing at least one remote URL. If found, you can connect it to the Vercel Project linked to your directory.

Learn more about using Git with Vercel.

vercel git connect

Using the vercel git command to connect a Git provider repository from your local Git config to a Vercel Project.

vercel git disconnect

Using the vercel git command to disconnect a connected Git provider repository from a Vercel Project.

These are options that only apply to the vercel git command.

The --yes option can be used to skip connect confirmation.

vercel git connect --yes

Using the vercel git connect command with the --yes option.

The following global options can be passed when using the vercel git command:

For more information on global options and their usage, refer to the options section.

Last updated on July 25, 2024