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Buy a domain

Purchase your domain with Vercel. Expand your online reach and establish a memorable online identity.
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Use this snippet to purchase a new domain from Vercel:

vercel domains buy [domain]

Use Vercel to find and buy a domain that resonates with your brand, establishes credibility, and captures your visitors' attention.

Go to https://vercel.com/domains and search for a domain that matches you or your brand. You could try "SuperDev"!

Domains marketplace
Domains marketplace

Depending on the TLD (top-level domain), you’ll see the purchase price. More popular TLDs will be more expensive.

Select an address, or continue searching until you find the perfect one. Once you’ve selected it, choose the account or team you wish to assign it to and select Confirm.

You’ll need to enter credit card details to purchase the domain. These details are saved for auto renewal.

Once you are happy with your purchase, Vercel will ask if you are sure you want to buy the domain. Select Yes.

From the dashboard, select your project and go to the Settings tab. From the Project Settings, go to Domains and enter the new domain that you just purchased. From the Add Domain dialog, select the recommended option, and select Add.

Connecting your Git provider and creating a new repository
Connecting your Git provider and creating a new repository

Next, learn how to take advantage of Vercel's collaboration features as part of your developer workflow:

Last updated on February 21, 2024