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vercel rollback

Learn how to rollback your production deployments.

Instant Rollback is free while it is available in Beta on all plans

The vercel rollback command is used to rollback production deployments to previous deployments.

vercel rollback

Using vercel rollback fetches the status of any rollbacks in progress.

vercel rollback [deployment-id or url]

Using vercel rollback rolls back to previous deployment.

These are options that only apply to the vercel rollback command.

The --timeout option is the time that the vercel rollback command will wait for the rollback to complete. It does not affect the actual rollback which will continue to proceed.

When rolling back a deployment, a timeout of 0 will immediately exit after requesting the rollback.

vercel rollback

Using the vercel rollback command to the deployment.

The following global options can be passed when using the vercel rollback command:

For more information on global options and their usage, refer to the options section.