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PCI DSS iframe Integration

Learn how to integrate an iframe into your application to support PCI DSS compliance.
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When you use an iframe to process payments, you create a secure conduit between your end users and your payment provider.

In accordance with Vercel's shared responsibility model, this approach facilitates:

  • Data isolation: The payment card information entered in the iframe is isolated from Vercel’s environment and does not pass through Vercel's managed infrastructure
  • Direct data transmission: Information entered in the iframe is sent directly to your payment processor so that Vercel never processes, stores, or has access to your end users’ payment card data
  • Reduced PCI DSS scope: With isolation and direct data transmission, the scope of PCI DSS compliance is reduced. This simplifies compliance efforts and enhances security
  1. Select a payment provider that offers the following:

    • End-to-end encryption
    • Data tokenization
    • Built-in fraud detection
    • 3DS authentication protocol
    • Compliance with latest PCI DSS requirements
  2. Embed the provider’s iframe in your application’s payment page

    This is an example code for a payment processor's iframe:

    const PaymentProcessorIframe = (): JSX.Element => {
      const paymentProcessorIframeURL = `https://${PAYMENT_PROCESSOR_BASE_URL}.com/secure-payment-form`;
      return (
        <div className="container mx-auto my-10 rounded bg-white p-5 shadow-md">
            sandbox="allow-forms allow-top-navigation allow-same-origin"
            className="h-auto w-full"
    export default PaymentProcessorIframe;

    The sandbox attribute and its values are often required by the payment processor:

    • allow-forms: Enables form submissions in the iframe, essential for payment data entry
    • allow-top-navigation: Allows the iframe to change the full page URL. This is useful for post-transaction redirections
    • allow-same-origin: Permits the iframe to interact with resources from the hosting page's origin. This is important for functionality but slightly reduces isolation
Last updated on May 18, 2024