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Next Steps

Discover the next steps to take on your Vercel journey. Unlock new possibilities and harness the full potential of your projects.
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Congratulations on getting started with Vercel!

Now, let's explore what's next on your journey. At this point, you can either continue learning more about Vercel's many features, or you can dive straight in and get to work. The choice is yours!

Dive into my dashboard

Manage your projects, domains, and more.

Your Dashboard
Your Dashboard

Alternatively, you can start learning about many of the products and features that Vercel provides:

Learn about Vercel's Edge Network and implement scalable infrastructure in your app using Functions. Get started today by implementing an Edge Function in your app:

Vercel offers a suite of managed, serverless storage products that integrate with your frontend framework.

Learn more about which storage option is right for you and get started with implementing them:

Vercel provides a suite of observability tools to allow you to monitor, analyze, and manage your site.

Vercel takes security seriously. It uses HTTPS by default for secure data transmission, regularly updates its platform to mitigate potential vulnerabilities, limits system access for increased safety, and offers built-in DDoS mitigation. This layered approach ensures robust protection for your sites and applications.

Last updated on May 29, 2024