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Usage & Pricing for Cron Jobs

Learn about cron jobs usage and pricing details.
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Cron Jobs are available on all plans

Cron jobs invoke Serverless or Edge Functions. This means the same usage and pricing limits will apply.

Number of cron jobs per accountSchedule
Hobby2 cron jobsTriggered once a day
Pro40 cron jobsUnlimited cron invocations
Enterprise100 cron jobsUnlimited cron invocations

Each project has a hard limit of 20 cron jobs per project.

On the Hobby plan, Vercel cannot assure a timely cron job invocation. For example, a cron job configured as 0 1 * * * (every day at 1 am) will trigger anywhere between 1:00 am and 1:59 am.

For more specific cron job executions, upgrade to our Pro plan.

Cron jobs are included in all plans.

You use a function to invoke a cron job, and therefore usage and pricing limits for these functions apply to all cron job executions:

Last updated on May 29, 2024