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    Cron Jobs are available on all plans

    Cron jobs invoke Serverless or Edge Functions. This means the same usage and pricing limits will apply. There's a hard limit of 20 cron jobs per project.

    Number of cron jobs
    2 cron jobs
    Triggered once a day
    40 cron jobs
    Unlimited cron invocations
    100 cron jobs
    Unlimited cron invocations

    On the Hobby plan, Vercel cannot assure a timely cron job invocation. For example, a cron job configured as 0 1 * * * (every day at 1 am) will trigger anywhere between 1:00 am and 1:59 am.

    For more specific cron job executions, upgrade to our Pro plan.

    Cron jobs are included in all plans.

    You use a function to invoke a cron job, and therefore usage and pricing limits for these functions apply to all cron job executions:

    Last updated on November 30, 2023