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Web Analytics are available on all plans

Web Analytics provides comprehensive insights into your website's visitors, tracking top pages, referrers, and demographics like location, operating systems, and browser info. Vercel's Web Analytics offers:

  • Privacy: Only stores anonymized data, and does not use cookies
  • Integrated Infrastructure: Built into the Vercel platform, so there's no need for third-party services for detailed visitor insights

To get started with Web Analytics, see the Quickstart.

If you're interested in learning more about how your site is performing, use Speed Insights.

The Visitors tab displays all your website's unique visitors within a selected timeframe. You can adjust the timeframe by selecting a value from the dropdown in the top right hand corner.

Visitors tab data.

You can use the panels section to view a breakdown of specific information, organized by the total number of visitors.

The Page Views tab, like the Visitors tab, shows a breakdown of every page loaded on your website during a certain time. Page views are counted by the total number of views on a page. For page views, the same visitor can view the same page multiple times resulting in multiple events.

You can use the panels section to view a breakdown of specific information, organized by the total number of page views.

Instead of relying on cookies like many analytics products, visitors are identified by a hash created from the incoming request. Using a generated hash provides a privacy-friendly experience for your visitors and means visitors can't be tracked between different days or different websites.

The generated hash is valid for a single day, at which point it is automatically reset.

If a visitor loads your website for the first time, we immediately track this visit as a page view. Subsequent page views are tracked through the native Browser API.

Web Analytics does not count traffic that comes from automated processes or accounts. This is determined by inspecting the User Agent header for incoming requests.

Panels provide a way to view detailed analytics for Visitors and Page Views, such as top pages and referrers, and the country, OS, and browser of your visitors. The tab you choose determines how the information in each panel is set up.

By default, each panel provides you with the top entries, but you can click Explore to view all the data.

Panels showing a breakdown of page view data.

Last updated on February 6, 2023