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Vercel Functions Limitations

Learn about the limitations and restrictions of using Vercel Functions for both Node.js and Edge runtimes.
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The limitations on a function are dependant on the runtime you choose. See the Choosing a Runtime doc for information on all the limitations of each runtime.

Some common limits you may wish you be aware of:

Maximum memoryHobby: 1024 MB, Pro and Ent: 3009 MB128 MB
Maximum durationHobby: 10s (default) - configurable up to 60s, Pro: 15s (default) - configurable up to 300s, Ent: 15s (default) - configurable up to 900s25s (to begin returning a response, but can continue streaming data.)
Size (after gzip compression)250 MBHobby: 1 MB, Pro: 2 MB, Ent: 4 MB
ConcurrencyAuto-scales up to 30,000 (Hobby and Pro) or 100,000+ (Enterprise) concurrencyUnlimited concurrency
CostPay for wall-clock timePay for CPU time
RegionsExecutes region-first, can customize location.
Enterprise teams can set multiple regions
Executes global-first, can specify a region
API CoverageFull Node.js coverageLimited API support

The following limits apply to the function's name when using Node.js runtime:

  • Maximum length of 128 characters. This includes the extension of the file (e.g. apps/admin/api/my-function.js is 29 characters)
  • No spaces are allowed. Replace them with a - or _ (e.g. api/my function.js isn't allowed)
Last updated on July 23, 2024