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The payload sent to the function is too large. This is a function error.
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The FUNCTION_PAYLOAD_TOO_LARGE error occurs when the payload sent to a function exceeds the maximum allowed size. This typically happens when the data sent in the request body to a serverless function is larger than the server can process.



Payload Too Large

To troubleshoot this error, follow these steps:

  1. Review payload size: Check the size of the payload being sent to the function to ensure it's within the allowed limits, and does not exceed the limit of 4.5MB
  2. Reduce payload size: If possible, reduce the size of the payload being sent to the function. This might include sending less data or compressing the data before sending it
  3. Client-side uploads: For large file uploads, consider using client-side uploads directly to Vercel Blob, where the file is sent securely from the client to Vercel Blob without going through the server
  4. Split into multiple requests: If the payload data is too large to be sent in a single request, consider splitting the data into smaller chunks and sending multiple requests
  5. Use external storage: If the data is very large, consider using external storage solutions to handle the data instead of sending it directly in the request
Last updated on June 13, 2024