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You may encounter a variety of errors when you interact with the Vercel platform. They can reflect issues that happen with external providers such as domain services or internal problems at the level of your application's deployment or your usage of platform features.
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    You will find a list of errors below, categorized based on how you will encounter them. For each of the errors, you can find details on how they occur and how to resolve them.

    Here are some tips for handling these errors:

    • On the CLI, Logs, or dashboard, follow the link, if available, in the description of the error. If not, search for the error in the docs search
    • With the API, wrap your call with a Catch exception so that any encountered error is returned. You can then search for the error code on the application or platform error code list

    If you are working with the Vercel CLI through the command line, the REST API through your code or the Logs, you may encounter errors from the application or platform error codes below.

    If you are interacting through the Vercel dashboard, the errors you can encounter are displayed in the error list.

    Last updated on September 29, 2023