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The URL of the request is too long. This is a request error.
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The URL_TOO_LONG error occurs when the URL of the request exceeds the maximum length allowed by the Edge Network (14 KB). Long URLs can be a result of long query strings, lengthy path segments, or an excessive number of path segments.



Request-URI Too Long

To troubleshoot this error, follow these steps:

  1. Shorten the URL: Simplify the URL by reducing the length of the path segments and the query string
  2. Reduce query parameters: If the URL has many query parameters, consider reducing the number of parameters or use POST method instead where the parameters can be sent in the body of the request
  3. Use POST method: If the long URL is a result of a form submission, consider changing the form method from GET to POST
  4. Check for unintended redirection: Ensure there isn't a redirection loop or logic that is appending to the URL causing it to grow in length with each redirect
Last updated on June 20, 2024