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Pricing for Web Analytics

Learn about pricing for Vercel Web Analytics.
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The following table outlines the price for each resource according to the plan you are on:

This section details our improved infrastructure pricing. On April 25, 2024, these changes will apply to all new Pro customers. Starting May 25, 2024, current Pro customers will see these changes take effect on their next billing cycle. The Hobby tier remains free.

Managed Infrastructure hobby and pro resources
Hobby Included
Pro Included
Pro Additional
Pro Price
First 2,500 EventsFirst 25,000 Events100,000 Events$14.00
N/AFirst 500,000 Events$20 per 500,000$50.00 / mo

Once you've enabled Vercel Web Analytics, different limitations are applied depending on your plan:

HobbyProPro with Web Analytics PlusEnterprise
Included ProjectsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedCustom
Included Events¹2,50025,000500,000Custom
Max Events¹2,500500,00020 MillionCustom
Fee for additional EventsNone100k500kCustom
Reporting Window1 Month12 Months24 MonthsCustom
Custom EventsNot includedIncludedIncludedCustom
UTM ParametersNot includedNot IncludedIncludedCustom
Properties on Custom EventsNone28Custom

¹ An event is either a page view or a custom event. Learn more .

The table below shows the metrics for the Observability section of the Usage dashboard where you can view your Web Analytics usage.

To view information on managing each resource, select the resource link in the Metric column. To jump straight to guidance on optimization, select the corresponding resource link in the Optimize column.

Manage and Optimize pricing
EventsThe number of page views and custom events trackedYesLearn More

See the manage and optimize Observability usage section for more information on how to optimize your usage.

Web Analytics are free for Hobby users within the usage limits detailed above.

Vercel will send you notifications as you are nearing your usage limits. You will not pay for any additional usage. However, once you exceed the limits, a three day grace period will start before Vercel will stop capturing events. In this scenario, you have two options to move forward:

  • Wait 7 days before Vercel will start collecting events again
  • Upgrade to Pro to capture more events, use custom events, and have a longer reporting window. You can start a trial of Pro by using the button below. Note that while you will not be charged during the time of the trial, once the trial ends, you will be charged for the events collected during the trial:

Get started with Vercel Pro for free

Experience the power of Pro features during your trial. Unlock unlimited Serverless Function requests, 1000 GB-hours of execution, boosted application bandwidth, and enjoy free access to Speed Insights throughout your trial period.

If you're expecting large number of page views, make sure to deploy your project to a Vercel Team on the Pro plan.

For Teams on a Pro trial, the trial will end either after 14 days or once you hit the Pro plan's limits.

Note that while you will not be charged during the time of the trial, once the trial ends, you will be charged for the events collected during the trial

Vercel will send you notifications as you are nearing your usage limits, but you will also be advised of any alerts within the dashboard. Once your team exceeds 25,000 events, you will be charged 14 USD per additional 100,000 up to a maximum of 500,000. These numbers are based on a per-billing cycle basis.

Pro teams can set up Spend Management to get notified or to automatically take action, such as using a webhook or pausing your projects when your usage hits a set spend amount.

Teams on the Pro plan can optionally extend usage and capabilities through the Web Analytics Plus add-on for an additional 50 USD / month per team.

When enabled, all projects within the team have access to the extended limits and features.

To upgrade to Web Analytics Plus:

  1. Visit the Vercel dashboard and select the Settings tab
  2. From the left-nav, go to Billing and scroll to the Add-ons section
  3. Under Web Analytics Plus, toggle to Enable the switch

Enterprise agreements provide custom limits and pricing for Web Analytics.

An event in Vercel Web Analytics is either an automatically tracked page view or a custom event. A page view is a default event that is automatically tracked by our script when a user visits a page on your website. A custom event is any other action that you want to track on your website, such as a button click or form submission.

When you reach the maximum number of events allowed for your plan, you won’t be billed beyond that point. Instead, you will be prompted to upgrade to a plan that fits your usage. For example, if you reach the maximum number of events allowed on the Pro plan, you will be prompted to upgrade to the Web Analytics Plus plan, which allows for more events and a longer reporting window.

Yes, events are shared across all projects under the same Vercel account in Web Analytics. This means that the events collected by each project count towards the total event limit for your account. Keep in mind that if you have high-traffic websites or multiple projects with heavy event usage, you may need to upgrade to a higher-tier plan to accommodate your needs.

The reporting window in Vercel Web Analytics is the length of time that your analytics data is guaranteed to be stored and viewable for analysis. While only the reporting windows is guaranteed to be stored, Vercel may store your data for longer periods to give you the option to upgrade to a bigger plan without losing any data.

Last updated on May 29, 2024