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Fair use Guidelines

Learn about all subscription plans included usage that is subject to Vercel's fair use guidelines.
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All subscription plans include usage that is subject to these fair use guidelines. Below is a rule-of-thumb for determining which projects fall within our definition of "fair use" and which do not.

  • Static sites
  • Hybrid apps
  • Frontend apps
  • Single page applications
  • Functions that query DBs or APIs
  • Blogs, ecommerce, and marketing sites
  • Proxies and VPNs
  • Media hosting for hot-linking
  • Scrapers
  • Crypto Mining
  • Load Testing without authorization

As a guideline for our community, we expect most users to fall within the below ranges for each plan. We will notify you if your usage is an outlier. Our goal is to be as permissive as possible while not allowing an unreasonable burden on our infrastructure. Where possible, we'll reach out to you ahead of any action we take to address unreasonable usage and work with you to correct it.

Fast Data TransferUp to 100 GBUp to 1 TB
Fast Origin TransferUp to 10 GBUp to 100 GB
Function ExecutionUp to 100 GB-HrsUp to 1000 GB-Hrs
Edge Middleware InvocationsUp to 1,000,000 InvocationsUp to 1,000,000 Invocations
Build ExecutionUp to 100 HrsUp to 400 Hrs
Image Optimization Source ImagesUp to 1000 ImagesUp to 5000 Images
StorageKV, Postgres, Edge ConfigKV, Postgres, Edge Config

For Teams on the Pro plan, you can pay for additional usage as you go.

Note: If your project will exceed these limits on Pro and you need advanced security and privacy features, contact us to discuss Enterprise.

Contact Sales

Edge Middleware CPU Limits - Edge Middleware can use no more than 50ms of CPU time on average. This limitation refers to the actual net CPU time, not the execution time. For example, when you are blocked from talking to the network, the time spent waiting for a response does not count toward CPU time limitations.

For members of our Pro plan, we offer a pay-as-you-go model for additional usage, giving you greater flexibility and control over your usage. The typical monthly usage guidelines above are still applicable, while extra usage will be automatically charged at the following rates:

Fast Data TransferRegionally priced
Fast Origin TransferRegionally priced
Function Execution$0.60 per 1 GB-Hrs increment
Edge Middleware Invocations$0.65 per 1,000,000 increment
Image Optimization Source Images$5 per 1000 increment

Hobby accounts are restricted to non-commercial personal use only. All commercial usage of the platform requires either a Pro or Enterprise plan.

Commercial usage is defined as any Deployment that is used for the purpose of financial gain of anyone involved in any part of the production of the project, including a paid employee or consultant writing the code. Examples of this include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Any method of requesting or processing payment from visitors of the site
  • Advertising the sale of a product or service
  • Receiving payment to create, update, or host the site
  • Affiliate linking is the primary purpose of the site
  • The inclusion of advertisements, including but not limited to online advertising platforms like Google AdSense

Asking for Donations does not fall under commercial usage.

If you are unsure whether or not your site would be defined as commercial usage, please contact the Vercel Support team.

Take a look at our Limits documentation for the limits we apply to all accounts.

Circumventing or otherwise misusing Vercel's limits or usage guidelines is a violation of our fair use guidelines.

For further information regarding these guidelines and acceptable use of our services, refer to our Terms of Service or your Enterprise Service Agreement.

Last updated on May 27, 2024