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Last updated on February 6, 2023
2 min read

Vercel Integrations Overview

Learn how to extend Vercel's capabilities by integrating with your headless content, commerce, or database platforms.

Integrations allow you to extend the capabilities of Vercel and connect with third-party platforms or services. The integration marketplace provides you with curated integrations that extend and automate your workflow.

  • Send logs to services for monitoring and error tracking
  • Connect Vercel with third-party services of your choice
  • Integrate Vercel deployments with testing tools
  • Gain access to the Vercel REST API

The fastest way to get started with integrations is to use the following resources:


Extend and automate your workflow by using integrations for your favorite


Build your own integration and configure with your projects.

How do Integrations Work?

Learn how Vercel Integrations work with your workflows.

Example Integration

Start with the Example Integration with fundamental concepts of the Verce

You can integrate Vercel with the following tools and services: