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Tinybird is a serverless real-time analytics platform for developers.

  • Ingest data from anywhere at any scale
  • Transform, enrich, join, and query using SQL
  • Publish low-latency, high-concurrency HTTP APIs

Build a real-time backend for your Vercel projects in minutes, and start with our free-forever Build plan.

Tinybird is connectionless & framework-agnostic, making it a perfect fit for your serverless applications, whether you’re building in-product analytics, operational intelligence, real-time personalization, anomaly detection, or anything else!

Additional Information

This integration will allow you to link your Tinybird Workspaces with your Vercel projects to sync Tinybird API Auth Tokens into Vercel Environment Variables.

Tinybird Auth Tokens control read/append/drop access to your data & APIs with flexible granularity based on your project needs.

When you set up the integration, you can select which Auth Tokens you want to sync (or create new ones). Head over to your Vercel project’s settings page or your Tinybird Integrations page to see them available as TINYBIRD_WORKSPACE_TOKEN.

Try a Starter Kit

If you just want to take Tinybird for a spin, you can use one of our Starter Kits when creating your Workspace to populate it with a complete data project:

  • Web Analytics: build a privacy-first, low-latency alternative to Google Analytics.
  • Log Analytics: analyze software logs, warnings, and errors in minutes with this language-agnostic kit.
Get started with Vercel and Tinybird.