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Neon Postgres



Neon is serverless Postgres built for the cloud.

Neon separates storage and compute to offer database branching, scale-to-zero, and bottomless storage.

Using Neon with Vercel enables you to deploy a managed Postgres backend in seconds and automatically spin up a database branch for each preview deployment.

To get started, all you need is a Vercel project.

Additional Information

What the integration does

The integration connects to your Neon database and creates a branch in Neon for each Vercel deployment preview. Optionally, the integration creates a development branch in Neon for your Vercel development environment.

Environment variables

The integration requires permission to set these environment variables in Vercel:


Provide feedback

This is a Beta version of Neon’s Vercel integration. For assistance or to suggest improvements, contact

Get started with Vercel and Neon Postgres.