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MongoDB Atlas

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MongoDB Atlas is the only multi-cloud developer data platform that accelerates and simplifies how you build with data. Using MongoDB Atlas with Vercel enables you to build new frontend applications faster with an intuitive and flexible document data model and grow your app with confidence with a platform built for resilience, scale, and the highest levels of data privacy and security.

Choose from free, pre-provisioned or serverless deployment options to best suit your application needs.

Ready to build your next app? See how you can take your idea to a global fullstack app in seconds with MongoDB and Vercel. Read the blog to learn more.

Additional Information

This integration will allow you to connect a new or existing Atlas database to your Vercel project(s).

After you have completed the integration setup and successfully linked an Atlas database to your Vercel project(s), head over to your project’s settings page to take a look at the environment variable MONGODB_URI which is the connection string for your Atlas cluster.

Check out this tutorial to get started or for more information, take a look at the integration documentation.

Pre-built solutions