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Navigating the Dashboard

Learn how to select a scope, change the Project view, use search, or create a new project, all within the Vercel dashboard.
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When you sign in to Vercel through your browser, you'll be presented with the dashboard. Any subsequent visits to will automatically direct you to the dashboard.

An overview of your project cards in the Vercel dashboard.

Your dashboard view shows a list of all projects and repositories that belong to your account or team, depending on the scope selected.

You can use the toggle to change the view between a grid view and list view. Your viewing preference is saved to your account, so if you access your account on another machine, you'll see the same view each time.

The list view is particularly useful for monorepo users and those using Conformance, as you will be able to quickly identify and manage all projects and deployments that belong to a single repository.

Projects are organized by Git repository and are sorted by date, with the most recent deployment shown first. Projects with no Git connections are listed separately. Each card in the view shows:

  • The deployed URL
  • Information about the last commit
  • The analytics score for any deployments using Analytics

When in list view, you'll also have an option to View Logs and Manage Domains.

You can select any project to bring up its Project Dashboard, which allows you to view information about its deployments and configure its settings.

Learn more in our project dashboard docs.

Use the searchbar to search for the name of any deployed project.

For accounts on a Hobby plan, you can either create a new team or a new project.

For members of a team, depending on your permissions, you can use the Add New… button to add a new project, domain, or team Member.

The Add New drop-down to create a new project, domain, or team member.

Last updated on May 27, 2024