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Overview is a real-time collaboration platform for structured content. With the Content Lake integration, you will be able to connect your Vercel Project to a real-time database that serves content however and whenever you need it.

With this integration, connect a new or existing Content Lake to your Vercel project -- the integration will handle the import of all needed environment variables to get your project up and running in no time.

Additional Information

Adding the integration

After you have followed the prompts to add the integration to your Vercel project, head over to your project’s settings page to take a look at the environment variables that connect your Vercel project to your project:

Public Environment Variables


Private/Secret Environment Variables


For more information about these variables and to see an example implementation, take a look at the Vercel/ integration documentation.

Adding Sanity Studio

To create a real-time collaborative editing environment for your content, add Sanity Studio to your workflow. Learn more on how to get started in the official documentation.