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The fallback body is too large for the cache. This is a cache error.
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The FALLBACK_BODY_TOO_LARGE error indicates that the size of the fallback body exceeds the maximum cache limit. This error typically occurs in prerendered pages when the response body of a fallback page is larger than the cache can accommodate. Notably, if the fallback exceeds 10MB, it cannot be cached.



Prerender fallback file is too big for cache

To resolve this error, consider the following steps:

  1. Review response size: Examine the size of the response body for the affected page. If it's too large, try to reduce the content size
  2. Optimize content: Minimize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the fallback page Remove unnecessary assets or data to reduce the page size
  3. Implement pagination: If the large response body is due to extensive datasets, consider using pagination. This divides the data into smaller, manageable sections
  4. Dynamic data loading: Where possible, load data dynamically on the client-side instead of sending all data in the initial server response

To prevent this error, ensure that the size of the fallback page is less than 10 MB.

Last updated on May 29, 2024