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The internal invocation of a function failed. This is Vercel's error.
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The INTERNAL_FUNCTION_INVOCATION_FAILED error occurs when a function invocation fails. This could be due to an error within the function itself, or an issue with the environment in which the function is running.



Internal Server Error

To troubleshoot this error, follow these steps:

  1. Check application logs: Review the application logs to identify any specific errors related to the internal function invocation. They can be found at the host URL under the /_logs path
  2. Review function code: Ensure that the code for the function is correct and does not contain any errors or infinite loops
  3. Verify function configuration: Double-check the function configuration to ensure that it's set up correctly, including any environment variables or other settings
  4. Check external dependencies: If the function relies on external services or APIs, ensure they are responding in a timely manner
Last updated on June 20, 2024