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Too many filesystem checks occurred while processing the request. This is a routing error.
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The TOO_MANY_FILESYSTEM_CHECKS error occurs when there are excessive filesystem checks while processing a request. This could happen during the routing process, especially when using rewrites, redirects, or any other configuration that requires checking the filesystem repeatedly.



Bad Gateway

To troubleshoot this error, follow these steps:

  1. Review routing configuration: Check the routing configuration to ensure that it is not causing excessive filesystem checks, especially in the case of rewrites or redirects.
  2. Optimize routing configuration: Reduce the number of has routes matched on a single path. You cannot have more than 5 has routes matched on a single path
  3. Check for Loops: Ensure there isn't any looping logic in the routing or filesystem access code that could lead to excessive filesystem checks
  4. Review application logs: Inspect the application logs for any warnings or errors related to filesystem access or routing
Last updated on June 20, 2024