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Support Terms

Vercel Inc. ("Vercel", "we", "us" and/or "our") provides support for our cloud platform ("Services") to our customers ("Customers", "you") based on their selected plan level. These Support Terms describe how we provide support and our commitments to our Customers (as may be further defined in our agreement with you, “Support Services”). We provide updates regarding any status changes in our Services via our status page and the @vercel_status twitter feed. These sources provide information and you should check these sources first before seeking support.Capitalized terms used in these Support Terms but not defined here will have the meanings given to them in our Terms of Service or the Enterprise Terms and Conditions associated with an Order Form, as applicable.

Scope and limitations

We provide Support Services that are directly related to our Services, including: Projects, Deployments, Analytics, Domains, our Edge Network, and Billing. Support Services will only be provided when requests are made to us from a member of an active Vercel account.Our Support Services do not include debugging custom code or third-party code or services. For example, our Support Services do not include warnings, errors, other undesirable behavior as a result of scripts or Services not in connection with the Vercel platform.Support Services will be provided when our Services are used in accordance with our documentation and required best practices outlined below. Where this is not the case, we will provide Customers with this information.Terms within separately negotiated customer agreements may supersede the scope and limitations outlined in these terms.
Regarding deployment and runtime issues
Support Services will be provided for build and runtime errors when the following criteria are met:
  • The project builds locally without errors present.
  • The project runs locally without errors present.
  • Any errors present, when deploying on the Vercel platform, are not related to code, scripts or Services not in connection with the Vercel platform.
Support Services will only be provided for build and runtime errors if the following information is provided:
  • A description, screenshots, and other tangible evidence of what you have tried to resolve this issue including x-vercel-id header responses, if relevant.
  • Any changes made since your last successful deployment, if relevant.
  • A link to a live, minimal reproduction.
If any of the above criteria are not met or properly provided, we may be unable to provide Support Services for the project and will likely recommend debugging the application locally or reviewing the build errors during deployment for further information.
Regarding billing issues
If you believe your invoice or billing receipt is incorrect, we strongly encourage you to contact our Customer Success team rather than filing a dispute with your card provider. Should a payment dispute be filed before getting in touch with us, we are limited in terms of the action we can take to resolve the matter. Once a dispute has been made with the card provider, the account associated with it and all deployments under it may be suspended until it has been resolved.Requests for billing amendments must be made within 6 months of the date of the invoice or billing receipt. We reserve the right to decline any requests for billing alteration made beyond 6 months after the date of the invoice or billing receipt. Deleted accounts are ineligible for refunds.
Regarding domain registrations
All domain purchases and renewals are final and will not be refunded once processed. If a domain renewal is missed due to non-payment, recovery of the expired domain, where possible, may incur a redemption charge, in addition to the minimum 1-year renewal fee. Domain renewal prices are not guaranteed to be the same as the initial purchase price.When transferring domains away from Vercel, the domain must have been registered with Vercel for 60 days or more prior to the authorization code being requested. This is an ICANN rule and no exemptions are possible. Once the authorization code has been used, it can take up to 10 days for the domain transfer to be completed.

Required best practices

Network configuration
Our Edge Network should be used without firewalls, proxies, and other CDNs in front of it. DNS for your projects must be configured as described in our documentation. It may be necessary for you to reconfigure your site and DNS as per the aforementioned advice before we can assist with any performance or reliability issues. Our Customer Success team may be limited in the Support Services they can provide for performance issues related to server-rendered content.
Supporting your end users
You must manage support services for your own end users. If, after reasonable commercial efforts, you are unable to diagnose or resolve problems or issues in your use of our Services, you may request Support Services from Vercel.

Where we support you

Community Support Forum
All Customers have access to our Community Support Forum. This is the preferred forum for questions regarding best practices, code debugging, or implementation, and all discussions in the forum serve as a shared resource to help other Customers. Customers on our Hobby plan are expected to use the Forum to discuss suspected platform issues. Our Customer Success team may monitor questions and discussions in the forum. Support within the Community Support Forum is offered to Customers in accordance with our Code of Conduct and the GitHub Terms of Service, where relevant.
Submitting a support ticket
Support Services will be provided to Customers who submit a support ticket when:
  • The Customer holds a current paid subscription with Vercel (e.g. an Enterprise or Pro tier subscription).
  • The Customer holds a current Hobby plan with Vercel, and
    • The request is in relation to a billing issue, or
    • The request is in relation to a login or registration issue.
  • The request adheres to the required best practices and the scope and limitations, as outlined in these terms.
A request can be submitted online by following this link.Vercel does not guarantee the validity of any advice or Support Services, or offer advice or support outside of the above communication channels, for any of our Services or third-party services or other products which do not fall within the scope of our Services.Requests for advice or Support Services outside of the above communication channels which otherwise adhere to the scope and limitations within these terms may be referred to one of the above communication channels.Support for Open-Source Software (OSS) owned by Vercel (such as Next.js) will be referred to other channels, unless the issue arises as a direct result of using other Vercel Services.

When we support you

Our team aims to respond to all paid subscription requests in a timely manner and as soon as practically possible. Customers are prioritised based on their plan and the severity of their issue as described below. We only commit to respond to Customers with an Enterprise subscription, using the target response time guidelines below.While we endeavour to provide consistency during the resolution of support requests, the member of our team handling a request may be changed at any time.
Enterprise target response time guidelines
The table below outlines our target response time guidelines for our various support tiers of the Enterprise subscription. Our target response times relate to the time it takes for Vercel to respond to your initial request. Your Support Services tier is indicated on the order form for your Enterprise subscription.These guidelines only apply when submitting a Support Service ticket or creating a case in the Support Center. Support through other channels (including, without limitation, through Slack channels, forums) is not subject to our standard SLA or negotiated SLA (unless we otherwise agreed in writing) and we may request that you submit a Support Services ticket. Additionally, for severity 1 issues on Premium and Platinum plans, only your provided emergency contacts should contact us and work with us.
Severity 1
< 30 mins
< 1 hour
< 4 business hours
Severity 2
< 2 hours
< 4 business hours
< 8 business hours
Severity 3
< 8 hours
< 8 business hours
< 16 business hours
Severity 4
< 8 business hours
< 8 business hours
< 16 business hours
24/7 Response times.
Business hours are 8:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday, for customers in time zones UTC+0 through UTC-8, excluding Vercel observed holidays.

Issue severity

A severity level is assigned to all paid subscription Support Services tickets upon creation. The severity assignment will be selected by the Customer when submitting a Support Services ticket. We may set, upgrade and downgrade the severity level of Support Services tickets in our sole discretion. For example, if available, a temporary resolution may be provided to mitigate the material impact of a given problem, resulting in the reduction of the severity of a case. Severity levels will also be adjusted downward as your technical issue is mitigated or if you, the Customer, do not assist or provide us with needed information.
Severity 1
A severity 1 issue is reserved for the most critical cases. In nearly all cases this type of issue relates to a production deployment. Examples of this type of issue include, but are not limited to:
  • A production deployment is inaccessible for end users.
  • A production deployment is subject to a security issue.
Severity 2
A severity 2 issue is assigned to problems that prevent regular platform usage and are not impacting access to a production deployment. Examples of this type of issue include, but are not limited to:
  • A production deployment is failing to build on the Vercel platform.
  • An Enterprise feature is not working as indicated in the documentation.
Severity 3
A severity 3 issue is used when the problem is not impacting the ability to make deployments or serve a project. Examples of this type of issue include, but are not limited to:
  • Difficulty in verifying a domain for usage on the Vercel platform.
  • A Vercel integration is not working as indicated in the documentation.
Severity 4
A severity 4 issue is a request for information, an enhancement, or documentation clarification regarding our Services but where there is no negative impact on use of the Services.


Regardless of how and where Vercel provides Support Services, you must communicate in a professional and respectful manner. We do not tolerate communications that are objectionable (as determined in Vercel's sole discretion) in any manner, including, as examples only, any communications that are abusive or that use profane language. Vercel reserves the right to cease providing Support Services if you engage in any such objectionable communications.
Last updated: January 27, 2022