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Friday, March 8th 2024

Improved hard caps for Spend Management

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Arian Daneshvar

Software Engineer

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Christopher Skillicorn

Product Designer

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Marc Brakken

Engineering Manager

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Saranya Desetty

Product Manager

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Amy Burns

Staff DX Engineer

Pro customers can now automatically pause all projects when a spend amount is reached.

Spend Management allows you to receive notifications, trigger a webhook, and now more immediately pause projects when metered usage exceeds the set amount within the current billing cycle. This stops you incurring further cost from the production deployments.

  • You'll receive realtime notifications when your spending approaches and exceeds the set amount. For further control, you can continue to use a webhook in addition to automatic project pausing
  • This includes Web and Email notifications at 50%, 75%, and 100%. You can also receive SMS notifications when your spending reaches 100%

Check out our documentation to learn more.