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Code Owners

Use Code Owners to define users or teams that are responsible for directories and files in your codebase
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Code Owners are available on Enterprise plans

As a company grows, it can become difficult for any one person to be familiar with the entire codebase. As growing teams start to specialize, it's hard to track which team and members are responsible for any given piece of code. Code Owners works with GitHub to let you automatically assign the right developer for the job by implementing features like:

  • Colocated owners files: Owners files live right next to the code, making it straightforward to find who owns a piece of code right from the context
  • Mirrored organization dynamics: Code Owners mirrors the structure of your organization. Code owners who are higher up in the directory tree act as broader stewards over the codebase and are the fallback if owners files go out of date, such as when developers switch teams
  • Customizable code review algorithms: Modifiers allow organizations to tailor their code review process to their needs. For example, you can assign reviews in a round-robin style, based on who's on call, or to the whole team
The Code Owners overview.
The Code Owners overview.

Code Owners is only available for use with GitHub.

To get started with Code Owners, follow the instructions on the Getting Started page.

Note: Code owners are available for Enterprise teams. To add it to your contract or upgrade to Enterprise, contact us.

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Code Approvers are a list of GitHub usernames or teams that can review and accept pull request changes to a directory or file.

You can enable Code Approvers by adding a .vercel.approvers file to a directory in your codebase. To learn more about how the code approvers file works and the properties it takes, see the Code Approvers reference.

Last updated on June 22, 2024