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Shareable Links are available on all plans

Shareable links provide a way to allow external users to access your branch-specific deployments through a secure parameter in the query string. Users with this link can view the latest deployment from a specific branch. Sharable links include the ability to leave Comments these are enabled on your team.

Users with the Admin, Member, and Developer roles can create or revoke Sharable Links for their team's Projects. Personal Accounts can also create or revoke sharable links for their own Hobby projects. Sharable Links are managed on a per-branch basis.

Developers on the hobby plan can only create one shareable link in total per account.

To manage Sharable Links, do the following:

From your Vercel dashboard:

  1. Select the project that you wish to enable Vercel Authentication for
  2. Go to Settings then Deployment Protection

From the list of Preview Deployments, select the deployment you wish to share.

From the Deployment page, click Share to display the Share Preview popover. From the popover, select Anyone with the link

Share Preview popover showing Anyone with Link option selected.
Share Preview popover showing Anyone with Link option selected.
Last updated on November 30, 2023