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Vercel's core features allow you to build and deploy your apps on the domain(s) of your choice.
Table of Contents

Get started with Vercel by following our step-by-step tutorial. It will guide you through importing, deploying, assigning a custom domain, and collaborating. Everything you need to jump straight in to development.

Vercel supports a wide range of the most popular frontend frameworks, optimizing how your site builds and runs, no matter what tool you use.

When you use any of Vercel's supported frameworks, we'll automatically the detect and set the optimal build and deployment configurations for your framework.

Manage and collaborate on projects using Vercel's dashboard. Learn how to configure your projects, view real-time insights, and collaborate effectively with your team.

Vercel's automated CI/CD pipeline ensures that your code transforms into live, scalable applications with every Git commit. Learn how to manage your Vercel Deployments through the Git integrations, build configurations, environment variables, and more.

Last updated on June 22, 2024