To invite collaborators to your Team, navigate to the Team Settings and select the "Members" section from the menu on the left:

Selecting the Members menu item from the Team Settings page.

You will see a list of people on your Team. At the moment, the list should only contain your Personal Account with a role of Owner, as you have not yet invited any other people.

In order to invite another person, enter the email address of the Personal Account of the person you would like to invite, select their Role, and click the "Invite" button. Optionally, click "Add more" to invite multiple accounts.

Inviting new Team Members from the Team Settings.

Clicking the "Invite" button will send an email to each invited member asking to join your Team. Following the email link will allow them to create a Personal Account, if they do not have one already.


Each Vercel account is an Account Owner for their Personal Account. Vercel Team have two roles, Owner and Member. Owners have elevated permissions to manage and edit all aspects of a Team. Members have limited permissions.

Personal Account Owner
Team Owner
Owner of a Vercel Team.
Team Member
Member of a Vercel Team.

The table below outlines the differences in permission between all roles.

Note: User Roles are not the same permissions as accessing Deployments, which can be limited by Password Protection or SSO. Limiting access of viewing deployments enables a view-only role for a given project.

Team Email Domain

Configuring a Team Email Domain will automatically add your coworkers to your Team if they sign up with a matching email address. For example, if the Team Email Domain is, a new user signing up with will automatically join your Team.

This can be useful for companies and Enterprise customers who would like employees to automatically join their Vercel Team without needing a manual invitation.

Setting the Team Email Domain for a Team.

Vercel also recommends members of your linked Git organization to join your Team when they first sign up.