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Multiple team members can contribute to Projects by using a Team. Members within a team can be assigned roles that grant permission to perform certain actions. Once added, these members get different levels of access for all the projects under the scope of that Team.

To invite new members to your Team, navigate to the Team Settings and select the "Members" section from the menu on the left:

Selecting the Members menu item from the Team Settings page.

Members who have accepted an invitation to the Team will be displayed as Team Members with their assigned roles.

List of members added to your Team.

To invite a new Team member, enter the email address of the person you would like to invite. Next, select their Role, and click the "Invite" button. Optionally, click "Add more" to invite multiple members at one time.

Inviting new members to your team.

Clicking the "Invite" button will send an email to each invited member asking them to join your Team. The email link will also allow them to sign up to Vercel and create an account if they do not have one already.

You can also use the "Invite Link" to allow other people to join your Team. Team owners can share this link to invite new members. You can also reset this link to limit people from sending requests to join the Team.

Adding members to team via Invite Link.

If you are interested in joining one of the Suggested Teams, then you can Request Access to join.

Sending request access to join a Suggested Team.

The Team Owner can accept, decline or change role permissions for your request from the Pending Invitations list. You can click the “Leave Team” button accessible via the ellipsis next to your Team role to Leave a Team.

Configuring a Team Email Domain will automatically add your coworkers to your Team if they sign up with a matching email address. For example, if the Team Email Domain is, a new user signing up with will be able to join your Team.

This can be useful if you would like employees to automatically join your Team without needing a manual invitation.

You must add the email domain to the Vercel Domains section for this to work. In the example above, you will add

Setting the Team Email Domain for a Team.

Your Personal Account can be used to join one or multiple Teams on Vercel. This can happen through being invited by a Team Owner, automatically being added by a Team's identity provider, or by requesting access yourself.

To request access, you can push a commit to a private Git repository owned by Team or interact with the automatic suggestions on the Vercel dashboard.

Suggested Teams are Vercel Teams that you might be interested in joining. You get these suggestions based on if one or more of the following statements is true:

  • Your Team's Email Domain and email address for your Personal Account contain the same Domain.
  • A Team with a Project connected to a Bitbucket workspace that you're also a member of.
  • A Team with a Project connected to a GitLab group that you're also a member of.
  • A Team with a Project connected to a GitHub organization that you're also a member of.

If there are Suggested Teams for your Personal Account, you'll see those appear in the scope selector on the top left of the dashboard and on the Teams page within your Personal Account Settings.

Requesting access to a Team will send an email to the Team's owners, prompting them to approve your request. Once your request is accepted, you'll see that Team appears in the scope selector.

If you need to be added more urgently, reach out to the Team's owners.

You can dismiss Suggested Teams at any time, which will:

  • Move the suggestion to the bottom of the list on the Teams page within your Personal Account Settings. You will still be able to request access to this Team later on.
  • Remove the suggestion from the scope selector. If no new Suggested Teams remain, you will no longer see this item in the scope selector.