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Deployment Protection

Use deployment protection to make your preview URLs' access private and protected with Vercel authentication.

The Deployment Protection feature makes your preview URLs private and allows access in a flexible and secure way. Deployment Protection is a per-project feature that is enabled from your project settings. All members on Hobby, Pro, and Enterprise accounts can regulate access to a preview build using the Vercel dashboard. Any user with access to the team will be able to view protected deployments.

Vercel Authentication provides a way for you to control access to your Preview Deployments. When you have enabled Vercel Authentication, only logged-in members with at least Viewer access on your team will be able to view your site.

If a user tries to access your preview deployment, they'll be prompted to log in first. Once logged in, the user will be redirected to the deployment, and a cookie will then be set in the user's browser.

Admins and members can enable or disable Vercel Authentication for their team. Personal Accounts can also enable or disable for their own Hobby projects. Vercel Authentication is managed on a per-project basis.

To manage Vercel Authentication, do the following:

From the Vercel dashboard, select the project that you wish to enable Vercel Authentication for.

Once you've selected your project, go to Settings > Deployment Protection.
From the Protect Preview Deployment section, use the toggle to enable or disable the feature.

Enabling Vercel Authentication.

  • If you disable Vercel Authentication, all existing deployments of the project will become unprotected
  • If you disable the authentication and then enable it, users who previously logged into the deployment with Vercel will continue to be able to access the page without logging in again
  • You can use Vercel Authentication in conjunction with Password Protection
  • The token sent as a cookie is valid for one URL and cannot be reused for different URLs, even if these URLs point to the same deployment
  • Vercel Authentication is available on all account types. However, Hobby accounts can have only one shareable link at a time

Shareable Links are available in Beta on all plans

Shareable links provide a way to allow external users to access your branch-specific deployments through a secure parameter in the query string. Users with this link can view the latest deployment from a specific branch when logged in with their Vercel account. Sharable links include the ability to leave Comments if these are enabled on your team.

Users with the Admin, Member, and Developer roles can create or revoke Sharable Links for their team's Projects. Personal Accounts can also create or revoke sharable links for their own Hobby projects. Sharable Links are managed on a per-branch basis.

Note: Developers on the hobby plan can only create one shareable link in total per account.

To manage Sharable Links, do the following:

From the Vercel dashboard, select the project that you wish to enable Vercel Authentication for.

From the list of Preview Deployments, select the deployment you wish to share.
From the Deployment page, click Share to display the Share Preview popover. From the popover, select Anyone with the link

Share Preview popover showing Anyone with Link option selected.

Members on Pro and Enterprise team accounts can get additional deployment features. For more information, see the Advanced Deployment Protection docs.