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Vercel Hobby Plan

Learn about the Hobby plan and how it compares to the Pro plan.
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The Hobby plan is free and aimed at developers with personal projects, and small-scale applications. It offers a generous set of features for individual users, including the following Managed Infrastructure, DX Platform, and Platform features on a per month basis:

Managed Infrastructure hobby resources

Edge Config Reads are charged by the volume of data retrieved, and measured in units.

First 100,000

Edge Config Writes, which store new data, incur charges based on the data volume written, and are measured in units.

First 100

Edge Function Executions occur when a request is made to an Edge Function. They are charged per unique invocation.

First 500,000

Function Duration is the total execution time of a Serverless Function. It is charged based on the total CPU runtime of a Serverless Function. Longer tasks incur more charges.

First 100 GB-Hours

Function Invocation is the activation of a Vercel Function. It is charged per unique activation of a the function.

First 100,000

A source image is the value that is passed to the src prop. A single source image can produce multiple optimized images.

First 1,000

A data point is a single unit of information that represents a measurement of a specific Web Vital metric during a users visit to your website.

First 10,000

Relates to the number of projects you enable Speed Insights for.


Data transfer is calculated as the amount of data transferred between the functions querying the databases and the KV databases for your account.

First 256 MB

Database cost is calculated as the maximum number of databases per month for your account, including read replicas.

First Database

Vercel KV requests represent the number of times data is accessed from Vercel KV.

First 30,000

Storage is calculated as the maximum amount of storage used per month for all KV databases for your account.

First 256 MB

Vercel Postgres compute hours represent the amount of time your Vercel Postgres instance is running.

60 Hours

Data transfer is the volume of data transferred out of your database.


Database cost is calculated as the maximum number of databases per month for your account.

First Database

Storage is calculated as the maximum amount of storage used per month for all Postgres databases for your account.

First 512 MB Included

Written data is measured by the amount of data changes that are committed from compute resources to storage.


An event is either an automatically tracked page view or a custom event.

First 2,500 Events
DX Platform pricing

Remote Cache allows you to cache build artifacts in the cloud, reducing build times and costs.

10 GB Free Downloads

Increases the number of simultaneous builds.

1 Included

Moving from the Hobby to Pro plan, you receive:

Bandwidth100 GB1 TB
Edge Middleware InvocationsUp to 1,000,000 Invocations1,000,000 Invocations included
Data Cache ReadsUp to 50,000 Reads100,000 included
Data Cache WritesUp to 5,00010,000 included
Edge RequestsUp to 1,000,000 requests10,000,000 requests included
Serverless Function maximum duration10 seconds15s (default) - configurable up to 300s
Build execution minutes6,00024,000
Team collaboration features-Yes
Domains per project50Unlimited
Deployments per day1006,000
Email support-Yes
Vercel AI Playground modelsLlama, GPT 3.5, MixtralGPT-4, Claude, Mistral Large, Code Llama
RBAC availableN/AOwner, Member, Billing
CommentsAvailableAvailable for team collaboration
Log Drains-Configurable (not on a trial)
Spend ManagementN/AConfigurable
Vercel ToolbarAvailable for certain featuresAvailable
StorageKV, Postgres, Blob (Beta)KV, Postgres, Blob (Beta)
Activity LogsAvailableAvailable
Runtime Logs1 hour of logs and up to 4000 rows of log data1 day of logs and up to 100,000 rows of log data
DDoS Mitigation On by default. Optional Attack Challenge Mode.On by default. Optional Attack Challenge Mode.
Deployment ProtectionVercel AuthenticationVercel Authentication, Password Protection (Add-on), Sharable Links

To upgrade to the Pro plan, see Upgrading to Pro. Or, click the button below to start a trial:

Get started with Vercel Pro for free

Experience the power of Pro features during your trial. Unlock unlimited Serverless Function requests, 1000 GB-hours of execution, boosted application bandwidth, and enjoy free access to Speed Insights throughout your trial period.

To downgrade from a Pro to Hobby plan without losing access to the team's projects:

  1. Navigate to your dashboard and select your team from the scope selector
  2. Select the Settings tab
  3. Scroll to the Downgrade sub-section

When you downgrade a Pro team, all active members except for the original owner are removed.

Due to restrictions in the downgrade flow, Pro teams will need to manually transfer any connected Stores and/or Domains to a new destination before proceeding with downgrade.

As the Hobby plan is a free tier there are no billing cycles. In most cases, if you exceed your usage limits on the Hobby plan, you will have to wait until 30 days have passed before you can use the feature again.

Some features have shorter or longer time periods:

As stated in the fair use guidelines, the Hobby plan restricts users to non-commercial, personal use only.

When your personal account gets converted to a Hobby team, your usage and activity log will be reset. To learn more about this change, read the changelog.

Last updated on February 6, 2023