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Thursday, January 11th 2024

Easier transitions between hobby and pro

Posted by

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Elliott Johnson

Software Engineer

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Shu Uesugi

Software Engineer

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Kylie Czajkowski

Engineering Manager, Lifecycle

Your Vercel personal account will soon automatically become a free team.

What is changing?

  • Your personal projects will live under a new free team with the slug {username}s-projects.
  • Future auto-generated deployment URLs will end with {username}
  • Your original username remains unchanged and can be viewed in your account settings.
  • Existing deployments will not be affected.

Your free Vercel experience will remain unchanged. Upgrading and downgrading will now be easier, as they will no longer require transferring projects.

When will my account be updated?

We'll start rolling out this change today and it might take some time before it's your turn. Once it's your turn, in most cases, update should happen instantly.

For a small number of accounts with thousands of projects or deployments, you may temporarily see a message displayed on the dashboard. During this update period, you will have read access to your personal account projects and resources, but not write access.

Who can I contact if something seems off?

Please contact us using the “Account Management” case type if you have questions about this change or notice something wrong with your account.