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What is an active user on Vercel?

For teams using the Vercel platform, monthly invoices are based on the number of team members present. To create a deployment for a Project under the scope of a Team, the user must be included in the team as a Member.

To correctly understand how your team will be charged for its usage, it is important to be aware of what Vercel defines an active user to be along with any notable exceptions, both of which are covered in this article.

Active User Definition

An active user is defined as any user account that has the ability to trigger the creation of a Vercel deployment. To create the deployment succesfully, the user account must be part of the Vercel team the Project is under.

It is important to clarify that an active user can only be a user account and as such, this means that bots and other services creating deployments are exempt from the defintion.

Adding Active Users

As a Team Owner, you decide if you want to add a new active user when a deployment is created by a Member not currently part of the team. Only users included in the team are able to create new deployments, and are classified as active users.

The following events will be blocked until the user is accepted to the team:

  1. Preview deployments from commits created by unregistered users.
  2. Production deployments from commits created by unregistered users.

Once the user has been added to the Vercel team, their request to create a deployment will be completed and it will start building immediately, providing the team has enough concurrent build slots available.

Team Members List

You can view the active members in any Vercel team by replacing the TEAM_SLUG section of the following URL:

If you are looking to understand the impact these team members will have on the upcoming invoice, the following URL should be used, again with TEAM_SLUG replaced:

Public Repositories

The requirement of having the active user be part of the Vercel team does not apply to public repositories.

This allows contributors to OSS projects and repositories to generate Preview Deployments for their changes, providing maintainers with an effecient workflow for managing and merging contributions.

Are Bots Active Users?

Vercel does not consider any tools from the GitHub Marketplace as active users.

Deployments triggered from commits created by bots, such as Dependabot and Kodiak, will not prompt for a team invite.

An exception to this is user created bots. If the bot is not listed within a marketplace, and instead appears to Vercel as a Git user account, it will appear an active user and Vercel will prompt for the account to be added to the list of team members.

How Can I Set My Git Email?

To ensure you are creating commits with the same account connected to your git provider, we recommend that you set your git email globally:

$ git config --global ""
Defining the email you will use to create commits and other git commands

After that, all commands made in your git environment will use the email from the global configuration. This is useful to resolve issues with *.local emails being used, and commits without an author.

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