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Last updated on February 6, 2023
14 min read

Using Vercel REST API Scopes in Your Integrations

Learn how to use Vercel REST API scopes in your Integrations.

See the following API reference documentation for how to utilize it:

When creating integrations the following scopes can be updated within the Integration Console:

Note: For updating the domain of a project write permissions are required for bothproject and domain.
Interact with the installation of your integration
Interact with deployments
Verify deployments with Checks
Create and manage Edge Configs and their tokens
Access project details and settings
Create and manage environment variables
Access team details
Get information about the current user
Create and manage log drains to forward logs
Manage and interact with domains and certificates

Create and manage integration-owned project environment variables.

Access team details.

Get information about the current user.



Create and manage log drains to forward logs.

As the Vercel REST API evolves, you'll need to update your scopes based on your integration's endpoint usage.

Confirming Scope changes.

Additions and upgrades always require a review and confirmation. To ensure this, every affected user and team owner will be informed via email to undergo this process. Please make sure you provide a meaningful, short, and descriptive note for your changes.

Scope removals and downgrades won't require user confirmation and will be applied immediately to confirmed scopes and pending requested scope changes.

User and Teams will always confirm all pending changes with one confirmation. That means that if you have requested new scopes multiple times over the past year, the users will see a summary of all pending changes with their respective provided note.

Once a user confirms these changes, scopes get directly applied to the installation. You will also get notified via the new integration-configuration.scope-change-confirmed event.