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Use an Integration

Learn about using integrations with Vercel.

You can pair Vercel's functionality with a third-party service to streamline installation, reduce configuration, and increase productivity.

There are three ways to find and install Integrations for your Vercel Project:

For more information, see the Install Integrations doc.

The Integrations Marketplace is the most common way to find suitable Integrations. There you can find over 60 Integrations that fit into a variety of workflows from monitoring to databases, and CMS to DevTools.

Vercel allows developers many ways to integrate with the platform. When you use an Integration, it may employ one or more of these types:

  • Checks - Vercel provides a Checks API that can be used to determine the status of tests during a build or deployment
  • Vercel API - Vercel provides a REST API that can be used to pass Access Tokens for use with Integrations
  • Webhooks - Vercel provides an API for webhooks that will be triggered when certain events happen such as deployments, configurations, projects, domains, or checks.
  • Log Drains - Vercel provides Log Drains to collect all of your logs, making it easy for Integrations to analyze and manage them.