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The Personal Account you've received after signing up to Vercel is the perfect place for your Hobby projects. It's yours and free forever.

However, if you're working on a project that requires collaboration with others, Vercel offers Teams. They're similar to Personal Accounts, but are specifically optimized for commercial use cases and collaboration, starting at $20 USD per Member per month.

When creating a Project, Vercel will automatically detect if you're importing from an existing Git organization, and offer to create a Team.

Otherwise, you can create a new Team from the dashboard, using the scope selector on the top left:

Creating a Team from the scope selector from the dashboard.

Regardless of how you create a Team, you will automatically be granted a 14-day free trial of the Pro plan. This gives you and your team time to try extended resources, capabilities, and features included in the plan.

You can learn more about the concept of Teams on Vercel.

To allow others in your company to join your Team on Vercel, you can configure a Team Email Domain on the Security page of the Team Settings. This allows coworkers with a matching email address to request access to your Team and you will be notified of their membership request via email:

Configuring a Team Email Domain for your Team.

Additionally, if you've imported a Git repository into your Vercel Team, the platform will show the same suggestion to users that have signed up with the same Git provider and have access to the Git repository.

In all cases, users will only be granted access after you've accepted their membership request.

For private Git repositories, whenever someone pushes commits to the Git repositories associated with projects on your Vercel Team, they will be prompted to request access your Vercel Team if they aren't currently a member of the Team.

Contributors prompted to join Team from Git repository.

You can learn more about the concept of Suggested Teams on Vercel.

This prompt does not apply for open source Git repositories.

In addition to people requesting access to your Team on Vercel, you can also invite them explicitly. This is especially useful in cases where the people you'd like to invite aren't using Vercel yet.

To invite someone, you can either send them an email invitation through the dashboard, or copy a invite link to send them.

Both can be done on the Members page in the Team Settings:

Inviting new Team Members from the Team Settings.

Once they click the invite link, they will be prompted to create a Personal Account or log into an existing one, and then join your Vercel Team.

By default, Members can contribute to the Projects within your Team, but not change any Team Settings. If you want them to have the ability to change Team Settings, you can change their role to Owner instead of Member (there can be multiple Owners).

You can learn more about the concept of Team Members on Vercel.

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