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Generally, when you make multiple deployments in the same Vercel account, the builds get queued, and only one deployment is built at a time. Concurrent Builds allow you to build multiple deployments with Vercel simultaneously.

Team accounts allow you to increase the number of Concurrent Builds from the Billing section on the Team Settings page, enabling the team to create deployments faster.

The default number of Concurrent Builds is shown on the Team Settings page. Depending on your plan, you can edit the number of slots required for your team.

Setting the Concurrent Builds limit for a Team.

Concurrent Builds are not available for developers on the Hobby plan. Only team accounts (Pro or Enterprise) can opt for this feature.

  • Personal Accounts – Maximum of 1 Concurrent Build available. The limit cannot be increased
  • Teams – Maximum of 12 Concurrent Builds
  • EnterpriseContact sales to get a custom number of concurrent builds
Note: You can add only three concurrent builds while your Team is under a 14-day trial. Once you add a payment method, you can upgrade this number to 12 slots.