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Feature flags

View and override your application's feature flags from the Vercel Toolbar
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Feature flags are available in Beta on all plans

Feature flags modal.
Feature flags modal.

Using the Vercel Toolbar, you're able to view and override feature flags for your application without leaving your browser tab. Compatible with any feature flag provider including LaunchDarkly, Optimizely, Statsig, Hypertune, and Split. The feature will also work with custom feature flag setups.

The feature flags dialog shows a list of all flags that your team has enabled through supporting feature flags.

Anyone who is a team member can access the feature flags dialog. Overrides are not persisted and only effect the user applying them. Feature flags are available in all environments including preview deployments and local development.

Feature flags have two main concepts, flag values and flag definitions. If either a feature flag's value or definition is set, the Vercel Toolbar will display that flag. If both are set, the flag definition displays with the flag value in the feature flags dialog.

Flag definitions are metadata for your feature flags. A definition can never communicate the value of a flag as they load independently from flag values.

They communicate:

  • Name
  • URL for where to manage a flag
  • Description
  • Possible values
  "bannerFlag": {
    "origin": "",
    "description": "Determines whether the banner is shown",
    "options": [
      { "value": true, "label": "on" },
      { "value": false, "label": "off" }

The actual value that a feature flag resolves to. This is the value used by your project code to determine whether a feature is available or how it might behave.

{ "bannerFlag": true, "showDocs": true }

You must log into the Vercel toolbar to interact with your application's feature flag overrides.

To see and override feature flags for your application:

  1. Select the Feature Flags option() from the Vercel toolbar.
  2. Find the desired feature flag in the modal by scrolling or using the search and filter controls
  3. Select an override value for the desired feature flag
  4. Apply the changes. This will trigger a soft reload. If you have applied changes, the Vercel Toolbar will turn purple
Last updated on April 13, 2024